Sea Pines Fall 2013 - Version 2

Photography has been my hobby for many years. In fact, I was first taught to use a SLR by my grandfather at about the age of 5. Of course, it was a bit more complicated back then with every aspect of photographing a subject having to be done manually. I would be interested to see how I framed my pictures.

In college I dabbled with doing my own developing with some good results. However, it was not until I had kids that I started using my camera to a much greater extent. I was fortunate at this time to work for FUJIFILM which helped to support my growing habit / interest in photography.

The transition to digital has been incredibly exciting. The extraordinary potential that this medium possesses has opened up avenues of artistic expression that continue to astound me on a daily basis. I expect that it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

The addition of portrait and event photography has proven to be truly  invigorating. It has propelled me to apply what I know about the interaction of light and learn even more about it's nuances.

I can be contacted at: kevin@kevinyoungphotography or (770) 841-7927.